The Histeroscopy is the exploration of the uterus inside its cavity and is addressed through the vagina, through the cervix. Requires no cuts in the skin. When done with a view diagnosis does not require anesthesia because the telescope, which is used has a thickness of less than 3 mm. It is as simple as placing an intrauterine device (IUD) and can be done in the office, allowing the taking small tissue samples for study (biopsy) and practise small interventions. Only in some cases the operation is performed with general anesthesia in the operating theater.

Operations by Histeroscopía Frequently polyps are removed and the myomas or fibroids. With great facility is operating malformations such as walls or uterine septa, which previously required extensive abdominal surgeries. The intrauterine adhesions have no better way to be treated.

This technique is ideal for the location and removal of foreign bodies intrauterine, evaluation of the uterine cavity in the failure of implantation of embryos in assisted reproduction, abortion or loss appellant and the unblocking of the ostium tubáricos uterine blocked by mucus condensate. Also in the evaluation of uterine bleeding and biopsies directed especially in women with menopause and, most recently, in the exploration for the diagnosis of precision and selective sampling for cytogenetic study of embryos before Curetage detainees.

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