Miomectomy is the excision of fibrous tissue without removing the uterus. A percentage of myomectomy is due to problems related to fibrous tissue, therefore, myomectomy is an alternative to hysterectomy.

Generally, when a woman is practiced want to re-become pregnant or when you do not want to draw the womb. At present, there are several options available for this surgery, in most cases, the size and location of the fibrous tissues are the ones who will determine the most appropriate technique. In case they are small, they can removed via laparoscopy procedures or histeroscopía less invasive, but big or inaccessible, in most cases, require a laparotomy.

This technique involves making a small cut in the abdominal wall through which one can place the laparoscope. Through the laparoscope can be passed various instruments and sensors to carry out a medical procedure such as the removal of uterine fibroids. This method avoids the use of large incisions. It is not appropriate for large fibroids, multiple or deep.

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