Oocyte donation

Oocyte donation

When the patients have reached a premature menopause or have got both ovaries removed, when they suffer chromosomal anomalies which they transmit to their offspring systematically, or when they do not respond to the stimulating treatments, or IVF fails repeatedly, or even under some other circumstances, there is a real possibility for getting pregnant by oocyte donation.

Oocyte-receiving women must take a medicine that provides their uterus with the capacity to achieve the implantation of the transferred oocytes and, while they wait for a donation, they must keep in touch with their IVI Center so that they can be localized whenever there is a donation.

Oocyte donors are submitted to the same controls as semen donors in order to discard the existence of congenital diseases (provided the fact that they have manifested previously in the donor), malformations and sexually transmitted diseases. 

This is undoubtedly the most effective method in assisted reproduction.

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