Our Team

Task Force We have a group of prominent Highly trained specialists to provide Service and quality care that our customers deserve. The train on way continuing on the new information to be always updated and innovating. The main Training our team has been working based on high values such as respect for the life, honesty, ethics, loyalty which gives a stamp personnel in the care we provide.

Dr. Oscar Valle virgen
Medical Director

Medical Team

Dr. Oscar Valle Virgen
Valencian Infertility Institute (V.I.I.)
Madrid, España

Dr. Edgar Medina Ramos
Institute of Reproductive Medicine of the West

Dra. Sandra Y. Orendain Talavera
Institute of Reproductive Medicine of the West

Q.F.B. Flor Melo Medina

Tijuana Baja California

José María Velazco 2524, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, 22010 Tijuana, B.C.

Email: recepcion@www.clinicadefertilidadtijuana.com

Phone: +(52) 664 334-0674